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At SOMMOS Hoteles our customers come first, which is why ensuring your health and well-being is our number one priority. Hence, we are readying our hotels to ensure the safety of all our guests and staff, maximising safety, cleaning, hygiene and social distancing measures, in line with Government recommendations.


Preventive Measures


Use of services and facilities

  • Catering services will be provided in the designated areas: restaurants and outdoor terraces. Capacity will be limited in both places, per government guidelines, to ensure the recommended social distancing of at least 1,5 metres between tables.


  • PPE (personal protective equipment):
    • Disinfectant gel*
    • Masks*
    • Single-use gloves*

*(May incur additional cost)


Information, cleaning and safety measures

  • Reception
    • Any surfaces or items which our customers may come into contact with shall be subject to regular cleaning.
    • New safety and social distancing procedures will be implemented:
      • Distance markers between customers and reception personnel.
      • A special key-drop box to avoid contact between people.
  • All room key cards will be disinfected.
  • The following information measures will be established: 
    • Information board detailing the health/hygiene measures
    • Hotel services and timetable content available digitally, along with other information of interest on Benasque Valley.
      Wherever physical supports may be required, they will be provided with materials that allow frequent cleaning and disinfection.


  • WCs for public use
    • The WCs for public use will remain open and be cleaned regularly, as detailed in the guide. This means an increase in both the frequency and disinfection measures used.


  • Rooms
    • Decorative items (cushions, plaids, rugs, etc.) will be removed as a safety measure.
    • Bedding and towels will be washed in the hotel laundry using products that ensure bio-decontamination.
    • The cleaning and disinfection procedures for any surfaces or items which our customers may come into contact with will be reinforced. Additionally, single-use items will be used to clean each room, as well as standardised strong disinfectants that are harmless to human health.
    • If customers so wish, they can halt the cleaning service during their stay (for a maximum of 4 nights).
    • The rooms will be vented for longer when being cleaned.


  • Restaurants & Cafeterias: 
    • A maximum of 4 people will be permitted per table in the dining areas. This number will rise exceptionally to 10 for New Year's Eve.
    • Decorative items will be removed from the restaurants and cafeterias, while the disinfection of crockery, cutlery and tableware will be stepped up. 
    • Any surfaces or items which our customers may come into contact with shall be subject to regular cleaning.
    • The furniture in the dining areas will be reorganised to comply with the social distancing required. A sign in each area will indicate the maximum capacity permitted.
    • Digital menus (including à-la-carte) will be available to customers online.
    • There will be a schedule of entry in order to guarantee access for all guests, while complying with maximum capacity regulations:
      • A maximum of 6 people will be permitted per table in the dining areas.
      • Breakfast:
        • Access for up to 15 people every 15 minutes. Times must be booked during the afternoon of the previous day.
        • There will be a buffet service, attended by hotel staff, in complicance with safety distancing regulations.
      • Lunch and dinner:
        • Lunch and dinner services should be booked at breakfast in the restaurant or cafeteria itself.


  • In other parts of the hotel:
    • The furniture in the communal areas will be reorganised to comply with the social distancing required.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available to our guests and staff in the communal areas.
    • We recommend using the stairs. The use of lifts by people from different groups is not allowed simultaneously. Guests and workers or workers belonging to different departments may not enter at the same time. Face masks must be worn when necessary. Signs will be placed in the lifts indicating this obligation.
    • In line with the regulations established by the Government to protect the health of our customers and staff, there will be closed areas as the spa and the GYM, and restricted access to some other communal areas in the hotel. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
    • Access to the pools, gym, children's areas, function rooms and so on will be restricted unless strictly necessary to your stay. These areas will be clearly signposted, showing access is restricted.
    • Necessary controls and measures established by the corresponding authorities will be applied for the use of swimming pools, reducing capacity and limiting use exclusively to hotel guests. We appreciate your understanding and collaboration in the use of these facilities, to allow all guests to enjoy them.


  • Our team: At SOMMOS Hoteles, our staff are important to us, as is ensuring their health and well-being. That is why the following are available to all our employees:
    • Training in prevention, safety and hygiene measures, in line with Government recommendations.
    • Hand sanitizer for regular use in the work areas and personal protective equipment, including gloves and masks.
    • Temperature testing upon arrival at the hotel.
    • Furniture in the workplace will also be reorganised to comply with social distancing regulations.


Specific controls have been introduced to supervise and check these measures are being deployed correctly.


Other recommendations:

  • Wash your hands regularly. Use water and soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Similarly, you are recommended to regularly use the hand sanitizers available in the communal areas.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Mandatory use of the mask inside and outside the facilities.
  • Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze with either the inside of your elbow or a single-use tissue.

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