Culture and monuments
Culture and monuments
November, 2022
November, 2022
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Benasque: Culture & Monuments

Benasque is a truly attractive location, encompassing a mediaeval town centre with a multitude of buildings, squares and nooks to explore. The gorgeous mountain location provides for a magical trek through cobbled streets and encounters with buildings of singular interest.

Benasque: Culture & Monuments

Santa María La Mayor Church

Classified as Aragonese Cultural Heritage, this church lies in the main square of the municipality of Benasque. This Romanesque building takes the shape of a Latin cross, split into four sections, with four chapels on the Gospel side and a further three on the Epistle side. This in addition to another chapel and two rooms at the base of the nave.

Benasque: Culture & Monuments

Palace of the Counts of Ribagorza

The fortified Palace pertaining to the Counts of Ribagorza is among those castles considered Places of Cultural Interest and plays host to a wide range of cultural activities. Rectangular and Renaissance in style, this building was constructed from irregular stones and mortar. Semi-circular arches are found atop doors and windows, complete with mouldings and carved figures.

Benasque: Culture & Monuments

Casa Juste Tower

Built in the mid-16th century, this is one of the town's most emblematic buildings. Located down a narrow street in the urban hub of Benasque, this tower stretches 18 metres into the heavens. It has served as both refuge and a point of defence for residents, while there is a living space in the low-lying rectangular section alongside.

Benasque: Culture & Monuments

Casa Faure

This old homestead belonged to various families from the town in the 18th century; featured here are the coats of arms of the Ferraz and Azcón families in unison. Its architecture is worthy of note thanks to its hip roof in slate, with a lower section featuring a dual pitch truss.

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