Surprise your loved ones. Gift or buy a stay at SOMMOS Hoteles!
Gift voucher
Surprise your loved ones. Gift or buy a stay at SOMMOS Hoteles!

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Want to gift someone a stay at our hotel?

Gift voucher

Looking for something special for your partner, family or friends? Or maybe just for you?! Buy a stay at SOMMOS Hotel Aneto or SOMMOS Hotel Benasque Spa using a Gift Voucher and have a stress-free time and the opportunity to do a great many activities while with us. Success guaranteed!

How does the Gift Voucher work?

Buying a Gift Voucher is really easy, and you have up to a year in which to make your reservation at one of our hotels. Don't think twice! Give someone an experience with us.

Choose if this is for you or for someone else
Complete the details and choose the amount
Make your payment to receive the card or have the gift card sent to the person of your choice
Redeem the code on the card when you make your reservation


If you are looking to buy a Gift Voucher for yourself or for someone else, here are answers to some typical questions:

How will I receive my gift voucher?

Your gift voucher will be sent to your in-box once the purchase is confirmed.

How can I redeem the gift voucher?

Redeem it by entering the code from the gift voucher HERE, then click on the "Start the reservation" button and choose when you want to stay with us.

What happens if I lose the gift voucher?

If you cannot remember your gift voucher code, simply enter the email address used when making the purchase to recover your voucher.

Gift voucher
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