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Where to eat in Benasque?

In Benasque you will discover a gastronomy that combines all of the traditional mountain resources as well as all innovations to create and offer a modern cuisine. Meat, vegetables, typical mountain foods such as sausages (embutido), mushrooms and traditional dishes such as stews or soups, are the culinary protagonists that will not disappoint the most demanding palates.

If you love to enjoy good food during yourholidays, in our restaurants and cafeterias you will find a wide gastronomic offer in a unique environment. Discover SOTOBOSQUE Restaurant, our most special restaurant, where you will find a varied menu with the character of traditional mountain cuisine, accompanied by the best wines from our SOMMOS Winery -all in all, a feast for your senses.

Where to eat in Benasque?

What to eat in Benasque

In the Benasque Valley you will eat the typical mountain gastronomy, deeply linked to the land and the Pyrenean culture, where handmade foods are the culinary protagonists.

Among other dishes, creams, meat stews and dishes with different ingredients from the lands of the valley stand out.

Many restaurants in Benasque offer a menu with typical food from the area, but without a doubt, you will find the best restaurants in the entire Benasque Valley at SOMMOS Hotels .

In addition to traditional cuisine, you will also find restaurants offering international cuisine, vegetarian and gluten-free food.

Where to eat in Benasque?

Restaurants in Benasque

The Benasque Valley is a place with a wide variety of restaurants with a wide gastronomic offer, where meats are prioritized, among them the tender and juicy veal that comes directly from cows fed in high mountain pastures, lamb or game such as wild boar, rabbit, deer, quail, partridge or deer, which can be enjoyed grilled, roasted, stewed or in the form of sausage, in addition to fresh ingredients from the orchards of the valley.

The Sotobosque Restaurant of the SOMMOS Hotel Aneto has a menu of market cuisine, made with local, top-quality products. You will find a varied menu of dishes with a traditional Pyrenean character, with fish and meat as protagonists, as well as the best wines from our SOMMOS Winery .

And if what you fancy is an outdoor lunch or dinner, on the terrace of SOMMOS Hotel Aneto you can enjoy a range of informal options such as mixed dishes, pizzas, salads or hamburgers. The best of all? Exceptional views of the mountains from the main street in Benasque.

Where to eat in Benasque?

Hotels with restaurant

SOMMOS Hotels are the best hotels with restaurants that you will find in Benasque. In any of our two hotels you can choose between different gastronomic options .

At the SOMMOS Hotel Aneto you will not only find one of the best gastronomic restaurants in Benasque: the Sotobosque Restaurant, but you can also savor a magnificent buffet breakfast every morning at the Tres mil 404 restaurant, enjoy a snack or informal dishes like salad, pasta, mixed dishes or typical meat of the area with one of the best views of the Pyrenees from the terrace.

The SOMMOS Hotel Benasque Spa will surprise you with its high-quality gastronomic offer. Our SOMMOS Restaurant is the ideal place to regain strength after an intense day of skiing or sports in the mountains: top quality, local products, and always accompanied by wines from our SOMMOS Winery .

Where to eat in Benasque?

Where to eat with children

The Benasque Valley is a good place to go on family holidays, as there is a wide variety of activities to do with the younger ones .

You will not find any difficulties to eat with children in Benasque, since many of the restaurants in the area offer a children's menu and have services such as a baby changing table or a playground .

When you plan where to eat with the children in Benasque, do not hesitate to check all the restaurants on the official website of the Benasque Valley.

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