What to do in the Benasque Valley?
Benasque Valley
What to do?
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What to do in Benasque?

Benasque is the perfect place for lovers of the Pyrenees and mountains in general. In addition to practicing mountain sports, there is lots to do in Benasque for those looking for a cultural holiday: strolling through charming medieval towns, discovering its museums and historical buildings, or enjoying popular festivals, such as the Fallas del Pirineo or the Fiesta Mayor from Benasque.

Charming towns

Medieval towns

Near Benasque you will find several medieval towns that are worth visiting. These towns have a medieval origin and their traditional architecture has been maintained over the years. These are perfect places to take a day trip to from SOMMOS Hoteles and immerse yourself in the history and culture of the Benasque Valley.

Cerler, for example, is a picturesque mountain town surrounded by impressive peaks where you will find stone houses and slate roofs typical of mountain architecture. In addition, the town has a Romanesque church dating from the 12th century.

In Castejón de Sos, a small and quiet town located in the center of the valley, you can visit typical buildings of the Pyrenees, such as Casa Batanero, an 18th century manor house that was built in stone and wood.

Finally, Sahún is another of the beautiful towns in the area, with a historic stone quarter and cobbled streets where you can admire numerous examples of traditional architecture, such as the parish church of San Pedro, which dates from the 13th century and has a tower Romanesque style.

What to do in Benasque?

Popular festivals in Benasque

Benasque has a rich cultural heritage manifested through its popular festivals and traditions.

One of the most spectacular festivals is the Fallas del Pirineo (torches of the Pyrenees), declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. They are celebrated on the night of Saint John's, also celebrating the summer solstice and a tribute to the sun and fire. Impressive visual effects are created, such as rivers of fire.

The Fiesta Mayor of Benasque is celebrated on June 30 in honor of Saint Marcial and the "Ball dels omes" and the "Ball de les donnes" dance are represented, where flowers and bread are exchanged to symbolize the devotion as well as the transfer of the responsability to organize the festivity next year. The festivities have their culminating point in the dance ritual and are, thus, an unavoidable appointment with pyrenean tradition.

cultural tourism

Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism in the Benasque Valley combines local history and culture with mountain tourism. The Benasque Tourist Office, just 5 minutes from SOMMOS Hoteles, offers various options to discover local culture, such as guided visits to historical places and monuments of interest, which will allow you to discover the rich history and cultural heritage of the valley.

If you are interested in knowing more about the culture of the Benasque Valley and you want more information about the places of cultural interest in the area, take a look at our page "What to see in Benasque?".

Mountain Sports

Mountain Sports

The Benasque Valley is an ideal area for lovers of nature and outdoor sports. Some of the activities you can practice are skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing in winter and hiking, climbing, canyoning or cycling in summer.

Discover all the information about winter sports and summer sports in the Pyrenees with SOMMOS Hoteles .

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