Family Getaway 'Polar Star Expedition' (4 days)
Family Getaway 'Polar Star Expedition' (4 days)
December, 2023
December, 2023
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1 room for 2 adults
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Family Getaway 'Polar Star Expedition' (4 days)

Family Getaway 'Polar Star Expedition' (4 days)

Hand in hand with our friends at Planeta 40 and Familias en Ruta, we offer you a new adventure in the snow to enjoy the wonderful Benasque Valley with your family.

In the Estrella Polar Expedition you will learn together survival techniques to function in different terrains, and you will discover as authentic explorers the legends that have been told for generations of the valley.

Activities will be carried out such as welcome games, snowshoes, excursions to impressive mountain lakes (mountain lakes of glacial origin), as well as you will learn some survival techniques such as building an igloo and much more... surrounded by the splendor of snow-capped mountains in this valley full of history and nature.

A getaway designed for families with children over 7 years of age and that includes accommodation at SOMMOS Hotel Benasque Spa , where you can also enjoy its wonderful facilities such as its pool and spa, as well as the best gastronomy.

Discover HERE the programming and details of your next adventure.

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